I have been an educator for more than 10 years and have a strong focus on issues related to environmental and social science. I have a Bachelor of Education and a Bachelor of Sociology and have worked as a program coordinator for the past eight years in the field of education and tourism. I am now beginning a new phase of my career as a program manager within the regional college system.

Still Looking to Finalize Meeting Date for 1st Climate Change Working Group Meeting

Just following up on an email that I had sent out last week or so to book a time to have our first Climate Change Working Group meeting. I had set up a poll on the Sask RCE website (www.zebra.anatexis.net), but only a few responses have been received to date...one indicating a preference for July 30th (which of course is not going to work out) and three for Thursday, August 16th.

So, regardless of whether you already submitted your preferable meeting time or not, please send me an email (ksare@regina.ca) indicating:

Outdoor Spiritual Geography Event

2007-07-29 14:00
2007-07-29 16:00

Dear Friends,


See attached invitation to a meeting on July 29, 2007, at Craik, SK

Discussion RE: 1st Climate Change Group Meeting

I have sent out an email to all of you who have already indicated that you'd like to participate on the Climate Change Working Group.  However, this door is not closed...if there are others out there that are interested that haven't yet signed up, please join in!

RCE Saskatchewan Invitation and Website Upgrade

RCE Saskatchewan Members and Supporters:

This posting is to notify you of two opportunities outlined below:
(1) an invitation to share information about Education for Sustainable
Development (ESD) projects and research occurring in our region at a
global level through the UN University RCE network; and
(2) to provide information regarding the recent upgrade of our RCE
Saskatchewan website (www.zebra.anatexis.net)

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