Visit by Douglas Worts

As some of you know, I have been working to get Douglas Worts here to stimulate interest and actions around the role of culture in sustainable development.  Doug is a well-published author and educator on the subject, with over 25 years experience through the Art Gallery of ON.  He is also a Fellow of the Leaders for Environment And Development (LEAD) program initiated by the Rockefeller Foundation.  Links to his interests and writing are available at

RCE Sask Server Move

2007-08-20 11:00
2007-08-20 14:00

On August 20, 2007 the RTG will be moving the RCE Server to a new location. During this time, the RCE Sask site will not be available. We will try our best to get the site back up and running as quickly as possible and we appreciate your patience during this time.


Sask RCE Site Administrator

Photos from International RCE Conference in Malaysia

Greetings to all RCE members. I have just returned from the International RCE Conference on the island of Penang, Malaysia, from August 7-8, 2007, as well as the World Innovation Forum in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, from August 10-11, whose theme was innovating for sustainable development. RCE Penang is part of the global RCE network. I am posting four sets of photos in the image galleries (see "View Image Galleries" to the left of this screen).

Climate Change Working Group Meeting

2007-08-14 13:30
2007-08-14 15:30

location to be determined

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