Phone-In Option for Nov. 23 RCE SK Gathering and Other Details

We have arranged a phone-in option for those who are outside of Regina (or otherwise unable to attend in person) the RCE SK Gathering on Friday, November 23rd. The opportunity to telephone in will be for the first large-group part of the meeting starting at 1:30 p.m. to 2:45 p.m. (see event posting on for agenda). If you are planning to telephone in, please e-mail Jennifer Fix, our RCE SK secretary, at: (so we have a sense of how many to expect). Instructions for phoning in are listed below.

RCE Gathering on November 23 -- can we contemplate a meeting of our TAWG on local food?


Can we please discuss the possibility of getting together to meet as a group

sometime soon?  Those of us at the meeting next week can get together and 

make some plans - maybe tele/video conferencing is an option?

Best regards,


Proposal for RCE Collaborative Projects on Sustainable Health

Greetings from RCE Penang!

As one of the outcomes from the last meeting we had in USM, we are
proposing a collaborative project on the subject of Sustainable
Health. While they are many other subjects that have been discussed
and to be followed up, this particular topic is chosen based on
interest shown by some RCE to participate in the program.

Given the broad area of the topic and the fact that individual RCE may
have different interesting ideas and proposal on how to go about it,


Please note that due to circumstances beyond his control, David Bwakali is NOT ABLE to make his Climate Tales presentation at the U of R on November 16th.



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