Sustainable farming and local food - documentary screening and potluck

2007-12-09 17:30
2007-12-09 20:30


Malin, Kim,

Yes, I've been to all the links. In my opinion, at this time, Google probably offers the most potential for our particular needs, although we have yet to define them in detail. In any case, it's a good place to start from, but whether we stay with it will depend on our demands and it's capability. Programmers are likely to have had experience working with it.

Saskatoon Energy & GHG Management Plan: Show Your Support December 3rd

Hello Everyone. I received the following information that I thought would be of interest to RCE members.

Elaine experimenting with the site on Nov.22

experimenting with google reader

message from Elaine on Nov.22

Hello folks. Here we are at Luther College, learning about this site.

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