Meeting Minutes - February 22nd, 2009

  1. How can we compare our system to other systems in terms of how they promote themselves
    1. What is the role of propaganda in the repository?
    2. If we are trying to bump from one level of conciousness to another we have to expose the abuses going on under everyone's noses: might it be wise to show how the abuses to capital lead to human abuses?  For instance, if we can no longer stomach treating a lawnmower badly, how can we ever tolerate mistreatment of people?
    3. The repository needs to make people aware of false conciousness (the advocacy role of volunteerism is equivalent to advertising for business).  Hence, we need propoganda
  2. How might people contribute parcels of land to promote community projects?
    1. SEEDS in Regina is rallying to do this: this importantly gets us thinking about potential booking for an entire season rather than an hour
  3. Contact Information: SEED Regina
    1. Might be worth inviting to Craik after our initial meeting.  Perhaps it is worthwhile to compile a list of potential people who we would like to include in on our project and come to a meeting in Regina/Craik.
  4. Would we really say that a being is autonomous if it was not able to better itself?
    1. the repository has to have built in autopoeisis (self-making) time for its citizens.
  5. Ideas for the project as a whole
    1. We are shifting citizenship, which requires a lot of innovation: with a test site, we have a lot of control over it before we show the ideal version off.
    2. We have to repackage everything in order to appeal to people who haven't gotten to the level of reflective thinking we have had
    3. We need other RCE's behind us to make the project better (and bigger).
  6. Daryl is going to the Human Factors and Enviromatics conference in Venice, Italy and is considering talking about something to do with the project.
  7. We also spoke about Heidegger's The Question Concerning Technology and his environmental stance.  Please see our literature review page for a complete summary of this topic.