Meeting Minutes - January 12th, 2009

Sharing Productive Capital Group: Meeting 2, January 12th, 2009

Questions to ask about software (Scenerio Based Web Design):

    1.  Who is going to be using it?  Who are the stakeholders?
      1. People who want capital to volunteer itself
      2. Building user profiles that include reputation points in order to use certain high-risk equipment
        1. i.e. qualifications might be required to operate certain machinery; if a person has a history of abusing capital, they might need to have their rights to it suspended
      3. Need to have built-in capacities for people who are not computer literate to still use the capital (i.e. elderly who want their snow removed).
    2. How are we going to promote the capital?
      1. Need to constantly be generating new kinds of tags that reflect the usefulness of the capital
      2. We need a way to judge between uses (community evaluates and ranks the capital and its potential uses perhaps)
      3. User generated lists: capital is able to promote itself and advertise its ability to be used through these lists
    3. Can capital be substituted . . .
      1. When demands gets high for a particular itself (i.e. shovel for a snowblower).
      2. We need a system that notifies us when we need to purchase or build new capital (due to shortages, breakdown, etc.

What are the roles required to maintain and promote the system?

      1. Maintenance (to promote the on-site well-being of the citizens)
        1. Maintenance individuals are responsible for checking working order of capital before and after it gets signed out: it is also up to the person signing it out
        2. Repository must volunteer for itself and self-regulate its maitenance
        3. System must find substitute ways of doing things (i.e. either use snowshoes or build/buy a snowblower)
      2. Policy/justice system to regulate the system (i.e. dealing with abuse charges against a snowblower)
      3. Human citizens might use a token system whereby he/she has so many token and decides how urgently a particular task needs to be done. 
        1. May be equalized for less well-off individuals
      4. Administrators
        1. Maintain technology, hardware and network
        2. Promoting system in non-technical ways and also making sure system promotes itself (i.e. we might hold birthday parties for the citizens in the repository)
      5. Volunteerism
        1. People need to be counted as volunteers in the system as well
        2. i.e. I am available for snow-removal on the following days.
        3. Seasonal volunteers and repeat volunteers: certain things need to be done at the same time every year (i.e. park cleanup on May 5th)
        4. Proxy systems for older individuals who cannot use computers
      6. External groups (i.e. city council)
        1. How might they affect and determine specific projects?
      7. Risk-minimizers
        1. Must have a body overseeing tasks (preferably, the repository itself) to determine risks to citizens during tasks in order to maximize benifit, utility and well-being