Meeting Minutes - December 18th, 2008

Sharing Productive Capital Group Inaugural Meeting - December 18, 2009

Literature/Software Review Topics

  1. Animism (religious context)
  2. Regulations around money
    1. Features of money:
      1. registered serial numbers
      2. cradle to grave: what you can and cannot do with it
      3. we already treat it like physical capital
      4. inflation exists so money keeps doing its job
      5. we preserve the standing of money over and above people's livelihoods
  3. Look into a group called Free Cycle Regina
  4. Open source (perhaps book?) cataloguing software
  5. Library software
  6. Emancipation as a process
    1. Christianity: freeing of the slaves
    2. Judaism: year of Jubilee every 50 years (where land is let rest)
  7. Maitenix (aircraft maitenance software
  8. Organizing volunteerism software
    1. volunteer groups can use physical capital the way they want to
    2. break the specialized use of capital
    3. instead, capital can be used to achieve a particular kind of cause
    4. Ways of organizing people might mirror ways of organizing capital

Ways of Dealing with Physical Capital

1. Standards of care regarding capital go hand in hand with standards of training
2. How does the object speak? Can it speak (perhaps through an appointed guardian)?
3. Measuring well-being of capital: external factors that effect its well-being (such as water-
   temperature in a car, average amount of work per day)?
4. How are we to deal with population growth? There must be a way of rationing requests: when
   there's a conflict who gets to use the capital?
5. How might we deal with negligent users?
   1. Legal recourse
   2. User reputation information kept on file

Name of Group Decided Upon

Sharing Productive Capital group named, and can be found at: