Conference Hosted by RCE Barcelona 2008

I am posting material I have just received from RCE Barcelona regarding an international conference they are hosting in 2008.--Roger

Dear all,

Following up on our conversations either at the Penang RCE Conference or separately via email, I am writing to formally invite you to participate in the fifth international EMSU Conference, " A new knowledge culture, Universities facing global Changes for Sustainability" which is being hosted in Barcelona in October 2008.

RCE Barcelona, the Technical University of Catalonia and the Autonomous University of Barcelona are co-organizing the conference next year and our aim is to maximise participation and minimise environmental impact (particularly international air travel.)

For this reason we are inviting your organisation, with an interest in universities role in sustainability, to participate in EMSU from your region, stimulating debate about the role of universities in sustainability and sharing findings via and online activities at the final conference, 15-17 October 2008.

We are particularly interested for your institutions to participate as you are located in very different countries spanning most continents ( South Africa, UK, India, Malaysia, Canada, Kenya and Argentina), which gives us a unique opportunity to share very different visions. We will also be inviting all other RCEs to participate, however we are very keen to have a core group of EMSU "nodes" to start the process.

I attach a presentation which explains the background to EMSU, and the Node activities we are proposing.

  1. Distributing an online survey to stakeholders in your region
  2. Host a workshop on the role of universities in sustainability
  3. Send workshop results and other contributions to (will be a blog)
  4. Participate in the final conference (via video, chat or in person)

We do hope that you will find this process stimulating and beneficial for your organisation. Please could you send me your skype or telephone details to be able to speak with you individually before December 21 if you are interested in being an EMSU node. Please reply to and feel free to copy in the group to your responses.

Best wishes

Heloise Buckland

RCE Barcelona
Skype: heloisebuckland
00 34 93 4054373

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