Saskatoon Energy & GHG Management Plan: Show Your Support December 3rd

Hello Everyone. I received the following information that I thought would be of interest to RCE members.

On Monday, December 3rd Saskatoon City Council will be presented with the Saskatoon Energy and Greenhouse Gas Management Plan which outlines a list of recommended actions to reduce greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions and energy consumption in Saskatoon. Road Map 2020 asks you to show your support for the Plan by writing a letter to Council, attending the Council meeting on the evening of December 3rd, or doing both.

After conducting an inventory of Saskatoon’s GHG emissions, in the fall of 2005 City Council adopted targets to reduce GHG emissions: by 6% below 1990 levels by 2013 for the community of Saskatoon, and 10% below 1990 levels by 2013 for the City’s Corporate operations. From November 2006 to June 2007 a Plan for achieving these targets was developed by the City, with input from City staff, Road Map 2020 stakeholders and the community at large.

Through this consultation, the following vision for the Plan was identified: “Our vision is to become a leader in renewable energy, energy conservation and management of greenhouse gas emissions.”

The following goals were developed for the Plan:
Goal 1: Build an Energy-Aware Community
Goal 2: Create a Healthy Community
Goal 3: Achieve a Diverse and Environmentally Sustainable Energy System
Goal 4: Design and Build Green and Smart
Goal 5: Be Responsible Stewards of Our Resources
Goal 6: Lead by “Green” Example

Recommendations address energy use and GHG emissions associated with transportation, buildings, water and waste management. The Plan recommends a variety of policy, programs and education. Partnerships in the community that would increase the effectiveness of implementation are also identified.

A link to the Plan can be found on Road Map’s website:

Let Council know that you support the Energy and Greenhouse Gas Management Plan. Encourage them to approve the budget allocation necessary to implement it. Write them a letter. Attend the December 3rd meeting and bring a friend!

Heather Trueman
Project Coordinator
Road Map 2020