Phone-In Option for Nov. 23 RCE SK Gathering and Other Details

We have arranged a phone-in option for those who are outside of Regina (or otherwise unable to attend in person) the RCE SK Gathering on Friday, November 23rd. The opportunity to telephone in will be for the first large-group part of the meeting starting at 1:30 p.m. to 2:45 p.m. (see event posting on for agenda). If you are planning to telephone in, please e-mail Jennifer Fix, our RCE SK secretary, at: (so we have a sense of how many to expect). Instructions for phoning in are listed below.

In addition, we have a summary of minutes from a conference call meeting hosted by Environment Canada between RCEs in North and South America held last week regarding some ideas other RCEs have for what might be included in our conference next May to make it a success. These are helpful heading into our discussions this Friday and are attached. Please also remember the pre-conference RCE SK website training event starting at 12:30 (see event on RCE SK website).

Instruction for calling in are as follows:

Lines are open to connect at 1:30 PM; please dial in shortly after this time

Telephone number for participants to dial: 306-781-5999

Participants Pin Number (to be entered after dialing in): 3211997 followed by the # key

Please note: participants are responsible for their own telephone charges (e.g. long-distance charges).

We look forward to having you participate.--Roger

America_RCEs_Conference_Call_Summary_Nov_13_2007.doc44.5 KB