4th International Conference on Environmental Education, Ahmadabad, India, Nov. 2007

The United Nations University and Susan Kingsbury of Environment Canada are interested in knowing if any one from our RCE is attending the 4th International Conference on Environmental Education in Ahmadabad, India, November 25-27 (see conference link below). If so, please notify each. Nami's message and contact information is below. Susan's e-mail address is as follows: Susan.Kingsbury@ec.gc.ca

Dear RCE Community. Hope this message finds you well.
Please be informed that sessions on RCEs will be convened at the 4th International Conference on Environmental Education to be held in Ahmadabad, India on 25 (pre-conference) & 27 November 2007. Please kindly inform us if you are planning to participate in this conference. For more information, please see: http://www.tbilisiplus30.org/
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