Conference on Regional Studies and Rural-Urban Dynamics, June 2008, Nova Scotia

Hi Everyone. I thought this might be of interest to the RCE.--Roger

"Regional Studies and the Rural-Urban Dynamic: An Interdisciplinary Perspective"
June 26 - 29, 2008
St. Francis Xavier University, Antigonish, NS

The Centre for Regional Studies at St. Francis Xavier University is
pleased to issue a call for papers and panels for an interdisciplinary
conference to be held in Antigonish in the summer of 2008. The Centre,
which was established and funded to support research engaging in the
social, economic and cultural factors relevant to life in Atlantic
Canada, seeks to bring together researchers from across the social
sciences and humanities to further Canadian and international
perspectives on issues relevant to the study and analysis of
regionally-based issues and regionalism. Specifically, as both
globalizing and localizing forces gather momentum in terms of political,
economic, social, demographic, cultural and developmental impact, it is
seen as critically important to further understanding the different ways
in which communities have responded to these pressures. In particular,
the Centre for Regional Studies is interested in papers and panels that
seek to combine issues of regionalism and regional studies with the
following thematic areas. A variety of methodologies are welcome.
1. Environment and Sustainability
2. Economic Development / Entrepreneurship / Business Management
3. Culture, Community and Society
4. Politics and Governance
5. Health and Education
6. Ethics, Spirituality and Social Justice

Submission Guidelines
For paper proposals, please submit a 250-word (max.) abstract and a
75-word (max.) author biography.

For panel proposals, an abstract of the overall Panel Topic should be
provided. Please submit a 200-word (max.) panel description summarizing
the panel's rationale, a 300-word (max.) abstract for each paper, and a
75-word (max.) author biography for each speaker. Panels will be
accepted or rejected as a whole.

Panels will be 90 minutes in length and may consist of either three to
four papers, or two to three papers and a respondent. Presentations
should be approximately twenty minutes and panel chairs are responsible
for ensuring there is adequate time for discussion. Panels may be
chaired by one of the presenters. If applicable, please indicate which
form(s) of audio-visual support will be required.

Please submit abstracts to Dr. Tom Mahaffey at the address below by
January 1, 2008, and please label which of the thematic areas your
proposal falls under. Acknowledgment of receipt of the abstract will be
sent by email. You will receive notification of acceptance as soon as
possible. Papers to be included in the proceedings of the conference
must be submitted in enough time to permit processing. Further details
will be available at a later date.

The Centre is excited to be hosting this conference and looks forward
to your participation in a unique, and interesting interdisciplinary
approach to a very important issue.

Dr. Tom Mahaffey,
Gerald Schwartz School of Business and Information Systems
St. Francis Xavier University
PO BOX 5000
Antigonish, NS B2G 2W5
+1 902 867 2258 (Voice)
+1 902 867 5385 (Fax)