RCE SK Receives Funding and Nov. 23 RCE Gathering

Dear RCE Saskatchewan members: I am very happy to announce that
today the
Province of Saskatchewan's Sustainable Communities Grants
program provided funding for initiatives of the Regional Centre of
Expertise on Education for Sustainable Development in Saskatchewan
(RCE Saskatchewan). RCE Saskatchewan's proposal entitled “Building
New Partners, Opportunities and Capacity for Regional Sustainability”
received $70,300 in funding. Funding will go towards conducting
research on sustainable development education, creating regional
networks of interested individuals and organizations around
sustainability, and hosting an international RCE conference in
Saskatchewan in May, 2008. This will include representatives of RCEs
from North and South America acknowledged by the United Nations
University. The RCE Saskatchewan proposal was one of 34 projects
funded today by the Government of Saskatchewan with today's funding
totaling over $800,000. This is part of the $7.5 million Green
Strategy Funding announced by the Province of Saskatchewan in April
of 2007.

Our media release and backgrounder that were sent out regarding the
announcement are attached. I am also attaching a short project
description for which the funding was received. The projects are
intended to build on needs identified by RCE members including
directions set out in our RCE Saskatchewan proposal to the UN

addition we would like to give an initial announcement for a general
gathering of RCE members on Friday, November 23rd,
starting at 1:30 p.m.
at Luther
College at the University of Regina in Room 100. The meeting
will provide an opportunity for large group input into planning for
the May, 2008 conference to ensure the needs and goals of RCE members
are met. In addition, time will be provided for meetings in small
groups around the six RCE theme areas identified by RCE members and
the two overarching themes. The event is planned to wrap up by 4:00
p.m. A map of the University of Regina main campus parking can be
found at: http://www.uregina.ca/ancillaries/parking/maps/
Further details regarding the meeting will be provided closer to the

special thank you to all RCE members who provided input to our
application to the Sustainable Communities Grants proposal, in
particular Lyle Benko and Jennifer Fix who played an active role in
drafting the proposal and coordinators of Theme Area Working Groups.
RCE Saskatchewan members should feel free to forward this media
release and other materials to interested individuals and



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