Asia Pacific DESD Indicator Documents

Attached please find important documents outlining indicators for the Decade of Education for Sustainable Development from the Asia Pacific region that have been provided to us by Chuck Hopkins. The original e-mail below describes the contents of these documents.--Roger

Dear Colleagues,

Re: UNESCO-IUCN Asia Pacific Indicators Project

I am delighted to announce the electronic release of two new resources
which seek to support stakeholders engaged in the development of ESD
indicator frameworks:

1. UNESCO (2007) ‘Asia Pacific Guidelines for the Development of
National ESD
Indicators’ Bangkok: UNESCO Asia and Pacific Regional Bureau for
Education ISBN 92-9223-121-9 (print version);
ISBN 92-9223-122-7 (electronic version).

2. UNESCO (2007) 'Monitoring and Assessing Progress During the UN DESD
in the Asia Pacific Region: A Quick Guide to Developing National ESD
Indicators' Bangkok: UNESCO Asia Pacific Regional Bureau of Education.
ISBN: 92-9223-115-4 (print version); ISBN: 92-9223-124-3 (electronic

The documents are attached to this email. They are the result of
extensive consultation with UNESCO National Commissions as well as other
stakeholders in the region. As you are aware, two reference groups, the
'Expert Team' and 'Guidelines Review Team' also contributed to this
document. The Project was undertaken through a formal partnership
between UNESCO Bangkok and IUCN with the assistance of Macquarie

We are very grateful for your feedback over the last 12 months which has
helped shape the focus, as well as validate the contents, of these

We ask that you share these documents with others who may have an
interest in ESD indicator frameworks.

Kind regards

The Project Team

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