Documents and Highlights from 2007 International RCE Conference and WIF

Dear RCE Saskatchewan Members:
I am happy to provide you with an update regarding the International RCE
Conference in Penang, Malaysia, that I attended on behalf of RCE
Saskatchewan on August 7-8, 2007, as well as the 2007 World Innovation
Forum (WIF), "Innovating Towards Sustainability" held in Kuala Lumpur,
Malaysia, on August 10-11, 2007. This update includes:
(1) Information regarding documents and photos from both conferences
(2) Conference highlights

(1) Conference Documents and Photos
On the RCE Saskatchewan website ( you will find 4 image
galleries with photos from the events (see the "view image galleries"
tab on the left of the homepage; scroll down through the list to find
each photo gallery). One photo gallery is from the International RCE
Conference, one from a Sustainability Village on the Island of Penang,
one with scenes from the island of Penang, and one from the World
Innovation Forum in Kuala Lumpur. In addition under the "project
documents" tab at the top of the webpage I have posted the presentation
documents that were distributed on CD from both of the conferences.
Please view the "read me" files in each folder related to these
documents. These files include both of my presentations to the
respective conferences. There were many additional presentations that
will hopefully be compiled on the UN University website.

(2) Conference Highlights
While there were many highlights from both conferences, a number of
important points stand out:

(1) Both conferences highlighted the valuable ESD research that is being
gathered through the networking opportunities afforded by the UN
University RCE initiative that have direct relevance to RCE
Saskatchewan. The second conference (WIF) also provided exposure for
important technological innovations being developed in our own and other
RCEs globally towards sustainable development.
(2) This was also an important networking opportunity for RCEs in the
Americas. RCE Saskatchewan was able to make important linkages with RCE
Grand Rapids (U.S.A.), RCE Guadalajara (Mexico; recently applied), and
RCE Curitiba (Brazil). These will help supplement the important
networking we have already been able to do with other RCEs in Canada
(RCE Sudbury, RCE Toronto, and most recently applied RCE Montreal).
(3) The event also allowed RCE Saskatchewan to explore creating formal
linkages with other global RCEs. We will work towards establishing
M.O.U.s with some of these in the days ahead. Through the important work
of Dr. Ruben Rajakumar of the University of Saskatchewan we are also
exploring the possibility of helping to establish a new RCE in Sri
(4) The event provided broad exposure for RCE Saskatchewan at a global
level. RCE Saskatchewan was one of only 4 RCEs globally profiled in a
panel at the International RCE Conference based on the team effort of
our RCE and other important innovations our RCE is undertaking. The
audience included not only representatives of the 35 RCEs already
approved, but also 15 new RCEs, representatives of other U.N. agencies,
and global Non-Governmental Organizations. These presentations will help
shape the evolving RCE network and the UN University's role. In
addition, three presentations were made at the World Innovation Forum by
RCE Saskatchewan members: Dr. Ruben Rajakumar and Dr. Satya Panigrahi of
the University of Saskatchewan and myself from Regina. A special thank
you to both of you for your participation in these conferences!

Finally, I would especially like to thank Luther College at the
University of Regina for their generous financial support for my
attendance at both of these conferences.

Feel free to contact me if you have any questions regarding either the
International RCE Conference or the World Innovation Forum (and check
out the RCE Saskatchewan website!).
All the best, Roger Petry, Co-coordinator
RCE Facilitation Group