International RCE Conference Materials Posted

I have posted a powerpoint presentation that includes my speaking notes for the conference panel at the International RCE Conference held in Penang, Malaysia, on August 7 and 8, 2007 in the documents section of the website (see "RCE Project Documents" tab at top of this page). RCE Saskatchewan was one of 4 RCEs profiled on the panel (along with RCE Penang, RCE Nairobi, and RCE Barcelona) to the 35 RCEs and 15 new RCEs applying at the conference. In addition I have posted presentations from RCE Penang that was hosting the event. These include the RCE's presentation at the conference along with RCE Penang's initiatives for ESD. In addition are two documents prepared by the Universiti Sains Malaysia describing their approach to creating a sustainable campus, particularly around their theme of "The University in a Garden". The ReadMe Text provides background on the distributions terms for these. I am also including some of the photos referred to in the ReadMe document in our image gallery for the RCE International Conference.--Roger