Photos from International RCE Conference in Malaysia

Greetings to all RCE members. I have just returned from the International RCE Conference on the island of Penang, Malaysia, from August 7-8, 2007, as well as the World Innovation Forum in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, from August 10-11, whose theme was innovating for sustainable development. RCE Penang is part of the global RCE network. I am posting four sets of photos in the image galleries (see "View Image Galleries" to the left of this screen). The first are photos from the International RCE Conference in Penang, the second are photos from a tour of a Sustainable Village in the town of Jalan Baru on the island of Penang (I imagine our RCE members from Craik will be especially interested in these), the third are simply assorted scenes from the island, and the fourth contains photos from the World Innovation Forum.  Please note that you will need to browse through the list of galleries to find each gallery as they are listed alphabetically for the time being. I will post documents from the conferences in the next few days. All the best, --Roger.