Added more functionality

Hello -- Just a quick note for now outlining new features recently added. I have added a WYSIWYG (what you see is what you get) editor for all users. It works well with both Firefox and Internet Explorer. However, there are issues when using it with Safari. It does emulate a nice document editor though. It also has a very nice spell checker. Users simply need to click on the little spell checker icon, click on the word underlined in red within their document and they will get a few options to replace the misspelled word. It is very cool!  However, I am going to continue to research other editors to see if there is one that is 100% compatibile across all platforms.

I have also added some additional fields to the new user registration form and have enabled groups to collaborate and develop their own books, blogs, events, fileshares, etc. As well, I have played around with the site design somewhat...Well, just a short note for now. I will keep you all updated and hope to see some of the RTG group next Friday (the 20th).

Take care, Tim

  • UPDATE: It seems I'm running into some issues with the WYSIWYG editor....will keep you update...
  • **UPDATE 2: The WYSIWYG editor is now working a-ok for most things. After doing some reading it would seem that there really isn't a nice WYSIWYG editor that works across all platforms. Safari users may not be able to have this functionality. Instead, safari users can select to "disable rich-text" (click the link directly under the body input box, on the left-hand side. The editor does work quite well with Firefox and Internet Explorer...I will discuss this at the next RTG meeting on Oct 20th.