Minutes from "RCE RTG Meeting" on 2006-09-14 16:00

1. User Names/Accounts for RTG Members
Tim will make accounts for each member and send an e-mail with their passwords.
Tim will get a separate login for himself distinct from being a user as “admin”; this allows for the admin to change to someone else in the future and distinguish personal posts from those associated with administration.
Tim will examine what protocols/conventions might also be used for naming chairs of each of the working groups, the RTG and the RFG. One can have a chair username that includes in parenthesis/brackets the current chair at the time: e.g. chair(Tim Maciag)_RTG.

2. E-mail Server
Members were unable to send mass e-mails.
Tim will examine whether the server has a mail server installed.
Tim will see whether the mass e-mailer is BCC (to avoid others accessing and selling e-mail lists)

3. Appearance of Website
Located at:
Currently using defautl Drupal template
Tim will change the highlighting (so that text doesn't disappear with mouse over)
Look at the interface and font colours for users
Overtime should develop a design for the site
Individual forums should be able to choose unique aspects (e.g., visual differences in terms of colours and graphics)

4. Book Pages
Includes a log message that enables version controlling (including date, person making the change, and what was changed)
Tim will look into how to place books by type of group (i.e., the 8 RCE groups)/organize collections of documents by groups

5. Events
Once entered, these events show up on the calendar.
Authorized users can log in and post minutes for events as well as attendees; minutes are organized by groups (i.e. 6 theme area working groups, RFG, RTG); one simply has to click on events and then the minutes
Tim will adjust the server time to get the calendar right.

6. Blogs
Once logged in, each user is automatically given a blog
There is also a recent posting of all blogs
Can use an RSS reader

7. Help
Tim will place an introductory section for users as to where to get help
Tim will examine whether there is an announcement feature for people just logging in (and see if announcements can just be posted on the side);
Tim will examine whether we can add “help” buttons

8. Posts
Includes recent posts of anything.

9. Forums
Each of the 8 RCE structural groups has one forum.
Can post new topics with a specific title.
Tim has usefully incorporated both PDF and printer-friendly versions.
Important to have versioning of documents (e.g., version of proposal sent to UNU including a PDF of the version) as well as the ability to compare both versions
Tim will examine how to allow people to moderate discussion groups (and be identified as moderators)

10. Poll
Can use poll feature re. changes in documents (e.g., once have 50% or more one accepts changes to a document)
Need to show when documents are open for editing and when they are no longer
Can only vote once from a given username
Tim will check out whether one can exclude voting from anonymous users (i.e., users of the site without a specific username)

11. Search
Can search for specific categories (e.g., 6 ESD issue areas) and key topics

12. Mass E-mailer
Need to be logged in for mass e-mailer for each of the 8 RCE groups

13. Wiki
Tim will check out whether there are wisiwig editors for the book and wiki formats.
Tim will examine whether there is transclusion: a means of identifying useful content (e.g. a list of committees) that changes over time yet is identified in other documents

14. Help
Need to develop a help manual that includes:
(1)a getting started manual
(2)procedures/rules for participating (e.g. re. forums); akin to Robert's Rules of Order
(3)help for configuring the software for any RCE (built on Tim's notes documenting his process)
(4)a frequently asked questions (FAQ) section

15. Creating New Accounts
Required fields:
username (Tim will provide a format for user names as an example as this is what identifies you to others in Drupal, e.g. Roger_Petry; Tim will see if people enter spaces that these can automatically be transformed into underscores)
first and last name
Optional fields:
Organization (both primary and secondary)
Areas of interest (including the 6 issue areas, RCE and RTG but also room to specify more narrowly or other areas)
Tim will add RTG to list of groups
Tim will also add a disclaimer that we promise not to sell users e-mail addresses to others

16. Posted Documents
Posted documents belong to the user who posts them (who can decide to delete them and control other features)
Tim will investigate whether one person can hand control of a document to another (or whether we need to have ownership of documents belonging structurally to each group posted/owned by a specific role associated with that group (e.g. Chair having ownership; i.e. posting a document using the username Chair.climate_change)

17. Working Groups
Should have documents for the working groups describing what they are doing, with a main page and 2-3 photos along with links to a photogallery (could even vote on which photos should be on the main page)

18. Useful Documents
Additional useful documents were identified by Keith:
“Using open source software to design, develop, and deploy a collaborative Web site: Tools and techniques for getting relatively complicated Web sites up and running quickly” at:
Note: This includes “Create a custom Drupal module for announcements” (part 6)--one of the tasks we identified
Note: this also includes a section discussing the structure of Drupal that Keith found very useful:

This document discusses how to create standards and build on innovations in these standards for having content that is readily useable

19. Beta Testing and Next Meeting
Discussed how to proceed at this stage. Decided to have 5 people invited to beta test 2 weeks prior to a meeting with the RTG group.
Curt will develop a list of questions/tasks for individuals to try out on the website prior to our meeting with them.
Roger will find 5 RCE members who are local to try out the site and come to the meeting.
Next Meeting
The meeting date including the RTG and the 5 testers will be: Friday, October 20, 3:00 – 4:30 p.m., tentatively set for the Centre for Academic Technologies boardroom (Roger will get back to everyone if this location is not possible).