Outcomes from UN Education as a Driver for the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) Conference (Ahmedabad), Jan 11-13, 2016

Dear RCE Saskatchewan Colleagues,

I am forwarding to you an email from our colleague, Dr. Kim Smith, Coordinator of RCE Greater Portland who, along with me and several other RCE representatives attended the UN Conference on "Education as a Driver for the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs)" in Ahmedabad, India, from January 11-13, 2016. You will recall the UN adopted 17 SDGs in September, 2015, to guide the global UN agenda until 2030. Her email below outlines the important accomplishments of the Ahmedabad conference as well as providing important links and attachments. I should note that I was part of group #12 focusing on education for Sustainable Consumption and Production (SCP). Please feel free to contact me if you have any questions/comments and/or if you would like me to share these with Dr. Smith and the UN University.

Also, a quick reminder about submitting nominations for the 8th RCE Saskatchewan ESD Recognition Event. These are due March 31st. The event is May 4th in Fort Qu'Appelle. See the following link for application forms and guides in a variety of formats (I will also attach them in PDF format):


Best wishes,

Roger Petry


>>> Kim Smith <kdsmith@pcc.edu> 02/09/16 5:11 PM >>>

Hello, dear RCE colleagues.


Hope this finds you well.  Sharing a big update that I hope will help all of our RCEs.


Last month, Ikuno, Unni, Roger, Betsan, Gordon, and I had the opportunity to represent the UNU-IAS at the U.N. conference on Education as a Driver for the SDGs.  It was a big success and the recommendations are now in.  Over 750 participants from 22 countries met and developed the new Ahmedabad Plan of Action and a series of recommendations for each of the goals. We were really able to explore Agenda 2030 and ways to utilize formal and nonformal education, workforce training, and public awareness campaigns to help implement the Sustainable Development Goals and UNESCO's Global Action Programme on ESD.  The opportunity to really drill down into how each sector can contribute to the SDGs was incredibly worthwhile.


Since I was on the higher education team, I will attach our recommendations.  Working on pulling all of the recommendations into one document and can attach that later vs. having to click on each link.


Please review the links and documents and share with your teams.  How can our RCEs help move these recommendations forward? Not sure what other countries' Global Action Programmes (GAP) for ESD look like, but I am attaching the U.S. GAP, in case it is helpful to you.  


I hope that our shared RCE reporting structure will help document our good work and can be shared within our own RCEs and beyond.


Happy to answer any questions on the conference or outcome documents.


Best wishes,