A Local to Global Decade on Education For Sustainable Development (DESD 2004-2014): Lyle Benko Presentation at University of Regina

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"A Local to Global Decade on Education For Sustainable Development (DESD
2004-2014: The Next Steps in the UNU Global Action Program (GAP November 2014 - ?)"

SIDRU Seminar, University of Regina

Presenter: Lyle A. Benko, Co-Coordinator, UNU RCE Saskatchewan

Location and Time: To be determined

Brief Description:

United Nations University designated the Regional Centre of Expertise on
Education for Sustainable Development SASKTCHEWAN (RCE SASKATCHEWAN) on
March 1, 2007. Since that time RCE Saskatchewan has represented the local,
regional, national and international interests and research on sustainable
education principles; while receiving several awards and acclimations. It
was the second RCE in Canada and now exists as part of the global network of
over 120 RCE's worldwide offering mentorship to new RCE's. Several
international RCE's have visited RCE Saskatchewan while we have been invited
to present at numerous international conferences over the past seven years.
The original Decade on  ESD will transform into a United Nations Global
Action Program (GAP) with its inauguration and formation in November 2014 in
Okayama, Japan at the United Nations University. RCE Saskatchewan has been
invited to be present and make several presentations at this unique event
from November 4 to 7, 2014. Our past work and upcoming opportunities with
the UNU GAP will provide our University of Regina community and region with
several research and learning synergies in the very near future. An overview
of the past years and connections to these opportunities will be presented
for discussion.