UNU RCE Bulletin Issue #1, June 2007 Available

I will simply paste the information we have received from the UNU regarding this important publication along with the bulletin attachment.--Roger

Dear RCE Communities and Future RCEs,
I hope this message finds you well. We are pleased to announce that the RCE Bulletin First Issue is now ready for circulation. We appreciate the considerable contributions from many RCEs for this issue. It will be accessible from our website in mid July as well. If you have suggestions for improvement or further contributions, please directly contact our communication officer, Sampreethi Aipanjiguly at: aipanjiguly@ias.unu.edu.
Best wishes for your rich RCE activities,
Nami Akimoto
Programme Support Assistant for EfSD Programme
United Nations University Institute of Advanced Studies

RCE_Bulletin_issue_1_June_2007.pdf1.34 MB