1) SSHRC - Strategic Knowledge Clusters:

The projects supported by these pilot programs demonstrate the capacity of Canadian researchers and research users to develop and sustain full-scale, ongoing clusters that will contribute to unprecedented sharing of, access to, and application of research knowledge.

2) CIHR - Team Grant

The objective of the CIHR Team Grant program is to strengthen Canadian health research by supporting teams of talented and experienced researchers conducting high-quality research and providing superior research training and mentorship. The program emphasis is on the production of new knowledge, and the translation of research findings into improvements in the health of Canadians and the Canadian health care system.

* Please note that there are various targeted KT programs in health and health-related matters. Please refer to the CIHR website when searching for specific programs *

3) CIHR - Collaborative Health Research (NSERC Partnered) 3&view=search&terms=Knowledge+Translation&org=CIHR&type=AND&resultCount%

In the context of improved health for Canadians, the objectives of the Collaborative Health Research Projects (CHRP) program are to:

* translate research results to end users/stakeholders;

* encourage the NSERC & CIHR communities to collaborate & integrate their expertise/research activities;

* advance interdisciplinary research leading to knowledge & technologies useful for improving the health of Canadians;

* train highly qualified people in collaborative and interdisciplinary research of relevance to health.

4) SHRF - Health Research Team Grants (see SHRF Awards Guide)

The Health Research Team Grant Program provides major support for teams of talented and experienced researchers doing high-quality health research, contributing to knowledge translation, and building research capacity at a level of productivity that would not be possible from individual researchers working on their own.

The program supports teams that comprise an appropriate range of talent, experience and perspectives for tackling complex health issues of importance to health status and health service in Saskatchewan, in accord with Saskatchewan’s Health Research Strategy.

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