Request for Input on RCE Proposal to Green Initiatives Fund

As you are aware, the deadline for applications to the first round of the Government of Saskatchewan's Green Initiatives Fund is this Friday, June 15. We are currently working to put together an application based on ideas received from our recent RCE meetings and other needs identified since our March celebrations. We have identified four areas for funding which Jennifer Fix has kindly compiled for us. If you have any additional ideas regarding these or other possible funding requests that would support the work of your working group or local ESD initiatives, please forward these to Jennifer Fix at by Monday, June 11. The 4 areas for funding are:

Student Research Support Post-secondary students would be hired to provide assistance with specific research projects identified by Theme Area Working Groups. This may include an initial inventory of ESD activities and research within the issue area occurring in the region, identifying complimentary ESD activities occurring in other RCEs globally, capacity assessments, literature reviews, and other projects. It is proposed that seven students would be hired, with one assigned to each Theme Area Working Group and the RCE Facilitation Group. Please provide any ideas you might have about specific "deliverables" we could identify.

Communications Budget Such a budget would likely include funds to enhance our website and develop new forms of technological innovation support as part of the RCE Technology Group. In addition, funds would be secured for initial production of communication materials needed for the RCE including: logo and other material design, award design, and other RCE promotional items such as member certificates, T-shirts, banners, etc., to help celebrate ESD work in the region and build a sense of regional identity.

International RCE Conference Funding is required to develop and host an International RCE Conference in Saskatchewan within the next year or two. The conference would enable presentation of ESD research, showcase ESD activities, recognize volunteer contributions, present awards, and provide networking opportunities between organizations engaged in ESD. In particular, it would serve as an annual opportunity for members of each of the working groups to meet in-person and to network with members of other working groups. Invitations would be extended to other RCEs globally with a special emphasis on providing an opportunity for RCEs in North America to network.

RCE Saskatchewan Participation in UN University RCE International Meetings It is expected that two participants per year would attend these 3-4 day events, which generally take place outside of Canada. These allow us to showcase our ESD work in the region globally as well as to network with other RCEs and the UNU and to build formal linkages to our region. Costs include transportation, accommodation, meals and other expenses.