Urgent request from NFU - response by May 20 needed to prevent government barley marketing regulatory changes to CWB

2007-05-17 23:19
2007-05-20 23:59

This is a busy time of year, but this is a very urgent request.

The Harper government has posted the proposed changes to the Canadian Wheat Board Regulations in the Canada Gazette (attached). By changing the regulations, the government is attempting to circumvent the requirements of the Canadian Wheat Board Act. If these regulatory amendments are allowed, it is likely the Harper government will use a similar tactic to remove wheat from the CWB single desk as well at some point in the near future.

It is very important that the government receive as many responses as possible opposing this regulatory change. Please send an e-mail immediately. The deadline for responses is only a few days away – Sunday, May 20.

Please send your response to cwbregulations@agr.gc.ca

In your response, you can refer to some or all of the following points. You only need to say a few words, and this is only a guide to stimulate your thoughts:

1. The regulation is unworkable because it attempts to do something that is impossible – create a so-called dual market.

2. It is wrong to do by regulation what should be done by legislation.

3. The whole process – from start to finish -  has been unfair and undemocratic.

Here are some additional points that you may want to draw on.

1. Anti-democratic flaws in the barley plebiscite process:

            - illegitimate question (manipulative wording, confusion over options)

            -no public voters’ list, no independent scrutiny of voters’ list

            -no measurement of voter turnout

            -massive voting irregularities, voters deprived of right to vote

            -vote count was not properly scrutinized

            -no limits on third party spending

            -massive government spending in effort to influence results

            -lack of ballot secrecy

            -number of ballots accorded to each person was arbitrary

            -anti-CWB website with similar URL to official KPMG plebiscite website

            -no clear majority victory for any of the three questions on ballot

            -government added options 2 and 3 together to obtain result

2. Anti-democratic measures against the CWB:

            -gag order on CWB to prevent defense of the single desk

            -unjust firing of CWB Directors and CEO/President

3. Tampering with CWB Director elections

4. Loss of CWB single desk will result in loss of hundreds of millions of dollars in farmers’ net income.

Thank you for taking a few minutes to do this.


Terry Pugh

NFU Executive-Secretary