RCE Facilitation Group Meeting

Submitted by RogerPetry on Wed, 2007-05-16 10:36

I can not get through to the number posted - please call me at my office number below. thanks! .. t

***************************************** Tanya E. S. Dahms Assistant Professor Department of Chemistry and Biochemistry University of Regina Regina, SK Canada S4S 0A2 Phone: 306-585-4246 Fax: 306-337-2409 ************************************

The RCE Facilitation Group (RFG) meeting will be on Tuesday, May 22nd in the afternoon. Curt has again been able to arrange for our meeting space at the boardroom at SIAST in Regine (Room 1130) that allows those who cannot attend in person to attend by telephone. There is free parking next to the entrance. People can arrive between 3:00 and 3:30 for some informal networking/discussions. The meeting will officially start at 3:30. For those phoning in from elsewhere please phone in at the 3:30 time. To do so dial the number (below), depending on the phone you are calling from.

Participant Dialing Instructions:

Regina Government participants dial: 7-9951

Regina non-Government participants dial: 787-9951

Long distance Government participants dial: 3-306-787-9951

All other long distance participants dial: 1-306-787-9951

There are a number of items for the agenda. I will post these on the website. We will have a report from Lyle Benko who has returned from meetings at the U.N. There will be an opportunity to review the agenda of the general RCE meeting occurring in Saskatoon on May 24. We will also devote a portion of the meeting to discussing items we want to achieve this year that includes the 6 RCE Theme Area Working Groups (TAWGs) and the RCE Technology Group (RTG). Coordinators from these 7 groups may want to canvass their members for issues they would like us to discuss. Ideally we would also like to have 2 coordinators for each of these groups with at least one (or preferably both) participating in the RCE Facilitation Group meetings. Perhaps canvass your members in this regard (especially to see if we can get coordinators from different geographic centres as well).


Roger Petry