RCE Facilitation Group Meeting, May 22, 3:30 p.m.

Dear RCE Facilitation Group Members (including Theme Area Working Group

Based on our vote last week I am able to confirm that our RCE Facilitation Group (RFG) meeting will be two weeks from today, on Tuesday, May 22nd in the afternoon. Curt has again been able to arrange for our meeting space at the boardroom at SIAST in Regine (Room 1130) that allows those who cannot attend in person to attend by telephone. There is free parking next to the entrance. People can arrive between 3:00 and 3:30 for some informal networking/discussions. The meeting will officially start at 3:30. For those phoning in from elsewhere please phone in at the 3:30 time. To do so dial the number (below), depending on the phone you are calling from.

Participant Dialing Instructions:

Regina Government participants dial: 7-9951

Regina non-Government participants dial: 787-9951

Long distance Government participants dial: 3-306-787-9951

All other long distance participants dial: 1-306-787-9951

There are a number of items for the agenda. I will post these within the next few days on the website. We will have a report from Lyle Benko who will have just returned from the meetings at the U.N. (I will post an
exciting e-mail received from Lyle below). I would also like us to devote a portion of the meeting to discussing items we want to achieve this year that includes the 6 RCE Theme Area Working Groups (TAWGs) and the RCE Technology Group (RTG). Coordinators from these 7 groups may want to canvass their members for issues they would like us to discuss. Ideally we would also like to have 2 coordinators for each of these groups with at least one (or preferably both) participating in the RCE Facilitation Group meetings. Perhaps canvass your members in this regard (especially to see if we can get coordinators from different geographic centres as well).

Thank you to everyone and see you on the May 22nd.


Roger Petry

Excerpts from e-mail from Lyle Benko:

The trip to New York and the TWO presentations to the U.N. and U.N.
University on behalf of our SASKRCE were apparently a success based on
the officials public responses and private comments and discussion after
the presentation. Chuck Hopkins also spoke very eloquently of his
assessment of what we have been able to accomplish in such a short time

They were extremely interested in our process and networking, the open
software, our website and of course the Green Strategy. Donna and I were
invited to a high level luncheon and meeting on Friday for 80 invited
guests. On Monday, we met with the U.N.U officials and Grand Rapids RCE
and Toronto RCE. So three of the four North American RCE's were at the
U.N. During the three hour meeting and presentations, I was able to
include ALL the suggested topics and ideas that were sent to me before I

It was an honour to be selected as the RCE for North America that made
the presentation last evening to the U.N. delegates in attendance. I had
30 handouts (since this was the expectation given to me), and there were
over 50 international delegates at the session. I had 15 minutes to
present the highlights of our work during the past two years. Following
the presentation there was much interest in the TEAM recognition I
mentioned several times and how were were able to build capacity through
our process.

More to come when I get home. We have a full day of travel, so I better
go get ready!

All the best...