Meeting May 11?

Greetings everyone, I think that the end of April will not be appropriate for a meeting after all. I wonder if we can schedule a meeting for May 11, let's say 2:00 p.m.? Since this thematic has many representatives from FNUC, would it be possible and convenient to schedule the meeting there? Please let me know your schedules and whether or not this will work out. Best Wishes, Tanya

possible intersection of group forums

Hello Tanya:


Yesterday you mentioned that one of the interests of the group forum on Health is to explore connections with First Nations communities. I thought you might be interested in a project that is happening next week. Michele Sereda has been working as Resident Artist at Kahkiwistahaw First Nation. She has worked with students in developing a play on the subject of FASD. I am accompanying Michele next week to one of their rehearsals and again to a performance later in the week. I have been invited because the woman coordinating the Residency would like to pursue a visual art project with the Gallery's Urban Outreach Program.


I thought I would simply pass this on.


Wendy Winter

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Resident Artist at Kahkiwistahaw First Nation

hi Wendy, Lovely that you should mention this ... I am currently working with Michele on another project, and when she mentioned the work that she was doing I was stunned. I asked her if she was willing to ask the Kahkiwistahaw First Nation if they would be willing to share a description and pictures of the project on our site? I sent Michele the information on the RCE, but unfortunately too late for her meeting last week. I have not spoken with her since as we are both busy. Perhaps you could bring this up again with Michele and see if she would be interested in speaking with the Elders and organization that brought her there to see if this would be something in which the community is interested. Much thanks! Tanya


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