Engaging in Spriritual Practices to renew The Sacred Balance

2007-04-25 18:45
2007-04-25 21:00

WEDNESDAY EVENINGS from April 25th to May 30th at St. James United Church, 4506 Sherwood Drive REGINA

Facilitated by Ruth Blaser, M. Div. singer, activist, cultural builder, parent, steward of land, and conserver of native prairie grasses.

With gratitude, grief, joy, and commitment we will lift energies and focus actions for well being of life on Earth. This series will draw on the work of:
Joanna Macy: eco- philosopher and Buddhist scholar; Carolyn McDade: feminist, poet, and activist; and David Suzuki scientist, environmentalist and broadcaster.
Registrations: Due by April 16th 2007, Registration fee: $60. $40 for students. Barter offers welcome. Please make cheques payable to St. James United Church
For more information about the series, contact: Ruth Blaser at 546-5585 or blaser&associates@accesscomm.ca or Robin Osborne at 543-2626
Series hosted by the St. James United Church.