Health Thematic Meeting

Greetings Everyone,

The RCE event was a huge success. The real surprise for me was the heart and soul that went into all of the speeches. I think that everyone is quite sincere about working towards a sustainable future. 

I would like to organize a meeting of our health thematic, aiming for mid-late April. We have already grown from seven to twenty members over the last few weeks! I envision a gathering as an opportunity to meet one another, share our interest and/or current involvement in health education SD projects, establish common interests/goals, working groups and future directions.

Please let me know your schedules and/or indicate dates and times that you can make available. I think the wake of the RCE celebration provides the momentum to develop some concrete action.

All my best,


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Health Meeting


 I'm looking forward to a meeting sometime in April.  An evening is probably the best for most.  I suggest just pick a date and time and let everyone know.

 Curt Schroeder

Health meeting

Hi Tanya - Unfortunately I am tied up until May 1st.  If you meet in April, please let me know when the next meeting is.  My apologies but I've been sick and I have stacks of marking plus 2 reports to finish.