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Hello members of the RCE TechnologyGroup,

I am currently in the process of putting together another application to hire a student through the Government of Saskatchewan's Student Employment Experience Program (SEE) and Luther (as we did this past year to put together the RCE website). If there are specific types of developments/functionalities related to our site that we could add as well as other technological developments we could be doing as an RCE (possibly with other RCEs?) I can try to incorporate these into my proposal. My application has to be in by the end of Monday, March 5, so please e-mail suggestions to me by then or post them on the site directed at our RTG group. My e-mail is

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Hi Roger and Curt -- Unfortunately, I do not think an upgrade to Drupal 5.0 is an option right now as we have many dependencies (installed modules) that will not function properly as they are not yet compatible (this will likely change as the year progresses though).

In terms of the server...well, that is up to you. I think that since it is working, why not use it?? (and keep everything "open"). I think it is fairly stable and as mentioned, I can train someone to troubleshoot the issue of re-initializing it when the battery back-up fails due to power failure, etc. (the previous issue (power-related) was a fairly simple fix, once I figured it out what was the issue was of course, and how to troubleshoot it! (ha)).

I can still make some of my time available to aid the new person coming in if you are indeed successful in obtaining funding.

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Saskrce web site

Tim, I appreciate all your past efforts to get Drupal working on the Luther server (bin there done that).  The thought you put into assessing the appropriate software, design, adding content got us off the ground.  Nevertheless, I think we ought exit from this hosting service (Luther) asap. For Roger to look for another student grant to maintain your server administration/application duties (for ONE measly Web site) is completely out of proportion to the cost of getting the same service from an ISP (less than $60/yr).  Compare that to your exhorbitant consulting rate during the past year!! :) We're not getting value for money by staying with the Luther server.  In good conscience, going for another student grant is a complete waste of money.  The benefits to moving to a commercial service are too great, relative to the cost.  We can get Drupal 5.0, a database, 10 email accounts for RCE, lots of free software that we might use such as a photogaller, blah, blah, blah for less than $10/month plus high reliability.

I don't think we need to meet as a group to make a decision here.  This group email system works for me.  I invite further discussion.  But as Chair, I move that we relocate to a commercial ISP immediately.  In doing so, there need not be any disruption to the user experience at all. 

 Any discussion?

Or should I call the question?



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Roger, one possible task

Roger, one possible task is to upgrade to the next version of Drupal.  I recall Tim having problems, perhaps this could be the new task.  Check with Tim for wisdom of doing this.  This would be the only major task, but it is a big one.  However, can the Luther server handle this software?  Perhaps Tim could advise.

 We also need to meet to discuss server reliabililty. Who is the administrator for the Luther server?


Curt Schroeder

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SIAST Wascana Campus

Regina, SK