Spring into Action Event: June 8-9, 2009

Hello All...

Plans are in motion for the Spring Into Action Event, June 8-9 in Saskatoon. 

The focus is to examine the intersections between education for sustainable development and Aboriginal perspectives. The first day of the event will be of interest to all RCE members. While there is a particular emphasis on supporting the Ministry of Education goals as noted below, the second day is reserved for those interested in action planning around all issues of ESD.

As part of this second day (June 9), there will be an opportunity for Working Groups to meet to discuss the overall themes of the event as they relate to our specific theme areas (in our case, Climate Chagnge) along with other specific activities and directions the working group may want to take. The student researcher, Kim Dohms, who is compiling material from the inventory of ESD projects related to our working groups, also intends to have this material available at this time. This event could provide an excellent opportunity for our Working Group to "springboard" forward.

As such, I've set up a POLL asking who from the Climate Change Theme Area Working Group is planning to attend.  This information will help to determine whether this particular RCE event would work in terms of timing for our working group for this planning type of purpose.

I hope everyone considers this event.  It is sure to be an interesting couple of days.