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Friday October 20, 2006
Start: 2:30 pm
End: 3:20 pm
  • Location: University of Regina, Centre for Academic Technologies Boardroom (6th floor, Education building)
  • Time: 2:30pm
  • Date: Oct. 20, 2006

This will be the next RCE meeting for the RTG. Curt will have completed an initial usability evaluation of the site and will provide a discussion of obtained results. The group will collectively formulate an action plan on how to proceed.

Start: 2:30 pm
End: 3:15 pm

Meeting to review usability results.

Wednesday November 15, 2006
Start: 3:00 pm

Location: Luther College (University of Regina), Room 207 

This meeting is to discuss recent SK RCE developments requiring our attention prior to a conference call with Environment Canada and UNU representatives on Thursday, November 16 (we apologize for the short notice and its close proximity to the SESDWG meeting in Kenaston on November 20th that many of us will also be attending). A tentative agenda for the SK RCE meeting on November 15th is outlined below. SK RCE Proposal Update: Our SK RCE application was submitted in August, 2006, to meet the September deadline set by the United Nations University. Thanks again to everyone for your constructive comments and letters of support! This was followed by a request on October 3 from the United Nations University (UNU) for further information and clarification to supplement the application. Given the quick turnaround time that was given, 3 additional appendices were added to the proposal leaving the rest of the original proposal unchanged. These new appendices include information gathered from our earlier workshops addressing the specific questions asked by the UNU (found in appendix H). You can find the original proposal with the 3 new appendices (appendices G, H, an I) at the following web address:

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