Yara Community Gardens

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Lauren Stennett
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(306) 692-1916
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The Yara Community Gardens are a pesticide-free garden area that is open to all members of the community. For a minimal plot fee gardeners have full access to their plot in which to grow delicious and nutritious fruits and vegetables. We strive to promote a healthy lifestyle, bridging cultural and generational gaps, as well as providing an area for outdoor education to occur.

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The gardens run from the middle of April until the middle of October each year.

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gardening, environmentally friendly, community, education, vegetables
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At the Yara Community Gardens we strive to provide educational components through various workshops relating to gardens such as pesticide-free gardening, composting, vegetable gardening, etc. We also provide school tours for kids of all areas so they can learn about planting vegetables, etc. We also have several volunteer opportunities throughout the year where people of all ages can learn about the importance of giving back to the community.

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Each year we have two farmers markets for charity where the gardeners donate some of their produce and all the proceeds are given to a charity of the gardeners choice. We also have something called a grow-a-row promotion where businesses can sponsor a row of potatoes that is grown in their name and all of the potatoes harvested are then given to a local soup kitchen and the food bank in town.

Publications (Has there been any documentation of this project/research?)

We have been recognized several times within the Moose Jaw papers as well as interviews on local televesion and radio.

Project sponsors/funders

Yara Belle Plaine

Walmart Evergreen Fund

City of Moose Jaw

CIF Capital Grant

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Nominated for recognition this June at SIAST