Wings Over Wascana Nature Festival 2008

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Friends of Wascana Marsh
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WOW is an outdoor nature festival at Wascana Marsh offering free wetland and wildlife activities, entertainment and guided hikes for people of all ages. This annual festival occurs on the second weekend in May to coincide with International Migratory Bird Day. Preceding the school (Friday) and public (Saturday) event days is a fundraising dinner on Thursday evening to raise monies for interpretive components at the marsh, followed by an interactive and educational day for school students on Friday. Public programming begins on Friday evening and continues all day Saturday.  Programming includes live animal presentations, guided nature hikes, birding programs, earth songs, pond dipping, bird house building, and many more opportunities to connect with nature in Wascana Marsh.

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Annually in conjunction with International Migratory Bird Day (the second Saturday in May)

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Nature festival, informal education, formal education, Migratory Bird Day, Wascana Park, Wascana Marsh
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All three festival events (fundraising dinner, school day, and public day) are designed with formal and informal education components involved.  A guest speaker presents on a variety of environmental themes at the fundraising dinner and activities offered during the public and school days are aimed at raising awareness, educating the public on environmental issues, and connecting people to the prairie ecosystem in an urban setting.

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Elementary school
Middle years school
Public awareness, for example, through the media (informal education)
Are there any research questions and opportunities that have or could be examined with this project?: 

The impact of the Wings Over Wascana Nature Festival on schoolchildren, public, and volunteer involvement could be explored. Research could be done to investigate the connections made between volunteers, the public, and Saskatchewan Ministry of Environment and Parks & Heritage Interpreters workshops.

Project sponsors/funders: 

In 2008: TD Friends of the Environment Foundation, SaskEnergy, Ipsco, conexus Credit Union, Nature Regina, Ducks Unlimited Canada, Saskatchewan Outdoor and Environmental Educators Association, and Saskatchewan Watershed Authority.

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Student Researcher.