Transforming Saskatchewan's Electrical Future Talk: Regina, Saturday April 14th, 7pm

Dear Friends,

Dr. Mark Bigland-Pritchard, author of the CCPA Saskatchewan and Green Energy Project series "Transforming Saskatchewan's Electrical Future," will speak at the Mackenzie Art Gallery Theatre in Regina on Saturday April 14th at 7pm. Dr. Bigland-Pritchard is an experienced energy and green-building consultant with degrees in engineering and a PhD in Physics. He is currently the lead researcher for Green Energy Project Saskatchewan.

He will give an overview of the options available to green our energy grid, outlining the challenges and opportunities facing any transition away from our present fossil-fuel dependent system to a fully renewable-based generation mix.

Admission is Free!

Sponsored by Clean Green Regina, Regina EcoLiving Inc and Regina Public Interest Group

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Dr. Bigland-Pritchard's series for CCPA Saskatchewan can be found here:’s-electrical-future-part-2’s-electrical-future-part-3

Simon Enoch, PhD
CCPA Saskatchewan