TD Green Streets program: Deadline Dec. 9, 2011

TD Green Streets is the flagship program of Tree Canada. It is the only nationally-based municipal forestry innovation program. Since its inception in 1994, more than 458 municipalities have received Green Streets funding.

TD Green Streets encourages and supports the adoption of leading-edge practices in municipal forestry including:

  • Innovative urban forest planning
  • Single tree and forest stand innovation demonstration projects
  • Policy and best management practices workshops
  • Outreach and educational activities on innovative practices including arboricultural practices
  •  Innovative management tools to protect and maintain the urban forest
  •  Innovative urban design which showcases "green infrastructure"[1]
  •  Innovative planting techniques

TD Green Streets is proudly sponsored by TD Friends of the Environment Foundation.

Who Can Apply

TD Green Streets 2012

TD Green Streets funding is available to Canadian municipalities and Aboriginal communities, as well as Business Improvement Associations (BIAs) in Vancouver, Montreal and Toronto.

We are now accepting applications to the 2012 TD Green Streets program. The deadline to apply is December 9, 2011.

Collaborative project applications involving two or more communities are encouraged. Municipalities may apply in partnership with their community partners.

A minimum of 50 per cent matching funding must come from other (non-TD Green Streets) sources (such as municipalities, Lions Club, donations etc.). In-kind contributions cannot exceed 25 per cent of the total program costs.

Communities who have received TD Green Streets funding in the past are welcome to re-apply.