Sustainable Rural Alternative Seminar Series - Craik Sustainable Living Project

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Glenn Hymers
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Community capacity and sustainability are built through speakers presenting on new or in development rural and agricultural alternatives. The series of speakers aims to address the economic and social needs of rural communities, and improve the marketability and regional identity of the community. Sustainability for rural community and culture is fostered through information being conveyed on farming and production alternatives that can occur within the community instead of outside. Awareness is stimulated in a forum in which community members are able to come together to share and learn while stimulating economic growth and diversification of products that are local and uniquely branded. The Craik Sustainable Living Project has developed partnerships with other rural and agricultural organizations to develop more opportunities through the seminar series for rural areas sustaining the sense of culture and community that exists within rural areas.

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Rural, Farming and Productive Alternatives, Community
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Informal - awareness

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Public awareness, for example, through the media (informal education)
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CARDS - Canadian Adaptation and Rural Development Saskatchewan, CTRC - Carleton Trail Regional College, and the Craik and Davidson Co-ops.