Sustainable Communities Grant

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Green Initiatives Fund Co-ordinator, Ministry of Environment
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Sustainable Communities Grants are awarded for projects that take place in Saskatchewan and work towards progress in the following target areas:
    * Climate Change - project reduces greenhouse gas emissions
    * Eco-tourism - project addresses ecosystem preservation through public education and provides economic opportunity through tourism in Saskatchewan
    * Green Agricultural Practices - project demonstrates or determines the feasibility of agricultural practices that minimize negative environmental impacts
    * Ecosystem Conservation - project conserves resources, preserves and maintains ecosystems at risk or rehabilitates degraded areas
    * Sustainable Development Awareness - project raises awareness of sustainable development through education activities, training, research, seminars or forums
    * Water Conservation and Source Water Protection - project takes action to ensure a safe and sustainable water supply
Costs that are not eligible include:
# Projects that have received previous funding from the Green Initiatives Fund
# Projects that require on-going funding from the province beyond two calendar years
# On-going administration (office costs) and established operational budgets; Sustainable Communities Grant money cannot be used to provide on-going operational funding
# Infrastructure, including landfills, roads, water/wastewater and buildings used for residential or commercial purposes
# Equipment, including but not limited to vehicles, heating and cooling equipment
# Land
# Research projects
# Biofuels projects
# Projects that include debt financing or cost recovery purposes
# Initiatives that need to be undertaken as a result of a government order, such as investigations and remediation
Saskatchewan youth groups, community associations, non-profit organizations, local governments including First Nation communities, educational institutions and municipal corporations are eligible to submit project proposals. Individuals or groups not included in the above list may submit a joint application with an eligible applicant. Funding is available to a maximum of $100,000.

Describe the timing of your project (Please describe the date and length of time the project runs): 

Ongoing. The maximum length of a project is two calendar years from the time the funding is awarded. The application deadlines are October 15 and April 15.

Keywords (Please list keywords, separated by commas, that relate to the project): 
sustainable communities, climate change, eco-tourism, green agriculture, ecosystems, water conservation, source water, sustainable development
Describe the educational component of the project (e.g. formal education, training, or public awareness advanced by the project): 

Informal - Awareness. Additional material available for viewing at

What level of education does this project address?: 
Public awareness, for example, through the media (informal education)