Review planned for Wascana Centre Authority

Review planned for Wascana Centre Authority

Paule Hjertaas provides the following comments about raising the issue of pesticides as part of this review.--Roger


Regina’s Wascana Center Authority (WCA) has always used a lot of pesticides and, contrarily to the city, getting the information from them about what, when and where has been like pulling teeth, when one is not clearly laughed at by whoever answers the phone at times.

Often the information has been wrong as well. For instance, a few years ago, I was told that no spraying had been done for the previous 2 weeks around the Royal Saskatchewan Museum to face freshly sprayed lawn exactly where the environmental fair booths were set up...

The review will include public input. This may be a chance to contest the heavy and constant use of pesticides in the park. One could ask questions about the budget for pesticides, etc.

Let's use it to bring the issue of pesticide use to the attention of the board and request a change of direction.

Paule Hjertaas