Request for Proposals: Rising Stars in Global Health


Request for Proposals Announcement

Grand Challenges Canada announces Rising Stars in Global Health Request
for Proposals. This unique program seeks to support emerging innovators
from low– and lower-middle income countries. Grand Challenges
Canada’s goal is to tap into “home grown” solutions to global
health problems grounded in local intelligence, culture and conditions
to solve some of the most persistent health challenges in the developing
world through Integrated Innovation. Integrated Innovation is the
coordinated application of scientific/technological, social and business
innovation to develop solutions to complex challenges.

"Grand Challenges Canada believes that some of the most effective
life-saving breakthroughs come from developing country innovators," said
Dr. Peter A. Singer, CEO of Grand Challenges Canada. "Who knows the
people, the health challenges, the impact and the potential for
solutions better than motivated local innovators? Often promising local
ideas do not have the support to be developed. We want to change that."

The new Rising Stars in Global Health program recognizes that some of
the most potentially creative, bold and impactful ideas to improve
global health have come from the developing world: a device that uses
the scent of smelly socks to attract and kill mosquitoes that can
transmit malaria is currently being tested in Tanzania, and an Eletronic
Nose which has the potential to instantly diagnose tuberculosis is being
developed in India. Grand Challenges Canada anticipates that more bold
innovations will be proposed thanks to this fund targeted at innovators
from developing countries.

The Rising Stars in Global Health program will provide $100,000 CAD for
up to 30 successful proof-of-concept proposals. Up to 6 additional
scale-up grants of up to $1 million CAD will be awarded to applicants
who have most compellingly demonstrated success at the proof-of-concept

There will be two rounds of Rising Stars in Global Health for a total
of $18 million CAD. Of this amount, approximately $12 million CAD will
be available for scale-up grants.

The deadline for proposals is March 23, 2012 11:59 p.m. EDT. Proposals
must include a visual representation--preferably a 2 minute video--that
outlines the health problem, the proposed solution, and why it is
innovative and bold.

The purpose of the visual representation is to engage the public in
global health and demonstrate the creativity of emerging innovators in
developing countries. These visuals will be posted to the Grand
Challenges Canada website for public viewing, voting and comment.

For more information about the Rising Stars in Global Health Request
for Proposals and eligibility criteria, please click HERE (