Regina YES Network - Thom Collegiate – School Wide Recycling

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Kathleen Wilson
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The club at Thom Collegiate unveiled that they will be implementing a recycling program within their school. They will be launching it with a “Wear Your Garbage For A Day” campaign to get members of their school community thinking about the amount of trash they produce. The students are looking into a creative way to use the recyclables collected!

The environmental club at Thom, Thom Going Green, hosted a very successful Eco Fair at their school on Friday, May 28th! It was a full day of events including a community fair of local organizations and businesses, a windmill competition, workshops by EYES Summer Camp from the University of Regina, presentations by all of the school environmental clubs, a keynote talk from Curtis Dorosh and a showcase of all of the school projects! It was an incredible day of activity. Thom did a great job hosting the event!

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Ongoing throughout the school year.

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Environment Club, High School, Youth Engaged in Sustainability, Recycling, Eco Fair
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High school
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The Cooperators