Regina YES Network - Sheldon Williams – Community Recycling Day

Submitted by StudentResearcher on Thu, 2010-06-10 15:21
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Kathleen Wilson
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The Sheldon Williams Environmental Club announced that they would like to organize a community recycling day in the City of Regina. The plan is to hold it in May at a community lot in the city. The students are currently doing research on recycling in Saskatchewan.

In an effort to purchase new recycling bins to expand their recycling program, the students at Sheldon Williams Collegiate organized a Sundae sale! They sold locally produced ice cream and used biodegradeable containers. They also had reusable dishes available for students by deposit. It was an evironmental take on a very sweet treat. This is just one of several sales the students will be doing throughout the spring has they approach their fundraising goals.

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Ongoing throughout the school year. 

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Environment Club, Youth Engaged in Sustainability, Recycling, Sustainable Actions, High School
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High school
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The Cooperators.