Regina YES Network - O’Neill High School – ‘Turn Out Lights’

Submitted by StudentResearcher on Thu, 2010-06-10 15:09
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Kathleen Wilson
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The Green Squad at O’Neill High School is frustrated with the amount of time the lights are left on in their school and they’ve decided to tackle it! In a very energetic rap at the youth forum the students at O’Neill announced that they will be raising money to install sensor lights into all of the school’s bathrooms. Awesome!

Earth Week was a busy week at most of the schools. O'Neill High School was no exception! The students in the O'Neill Green Squad held three fundraisers to raise money towards their sensor lights project! They have almost reached their goal to install sensor lights into all of the school's bathrooms. The fundraisers included a float sale, a bake sale and a two week sale of environmentally friendly products.

The students at O'Neill High School are frustrated with people putting garbage into their recycling bins. To set an example for other students, the O'Neill Green Squad spent a very frigid December lunch hour sorting through the recycling on the front steps of the school. Sporting mittens, toques and their finest winter wear, they dumped out the collected recycling and removed all of the garbage. An entire garbage bag of waste was removed! A video was also made and aired at a school assembly before Christmas to remind students of proper etiquette for recycling!

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Ongoing throughout the school year.

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Environment Club, High School, Youth Engaged in Sustainability, Sensor Lights, Sustainable Actions
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High school
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The Cooperators.