Regina YES Network - Campbell Collegiate – Extreme School Makeover: Courtyard Edition

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Kathleen Wilson
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The students at Campbell Collegiate have decided they want to revitalize a courtyard in their school. Currently the courtyard is not useable by students. They plan to remove debris and clean up the area. They then want to landscape the area and make it a student friendly space. The plan calls for native prairie species to be used. The students also plan to launch a composting program that will be a focal point of the garden. There was also talk of grey water recycling from a nearby home ec lab.

Most people feel more energy on a sunny day, but for the students of Campbell Collegiate in Regina a sunny day brings a different kind of energy in the form of hot water produced by their solar-thermal panels. Thanks to the Campbell Collegiate Environment Club, students can wash their hands or shower after gym class knowing that the hot water they are using produces fewer greenhouse gases than a conventional fossil fuel system. After an ambitious campaign to raise money for solar-thermal panels was launched in 2008, the Club’s efforts came to fruition when the panels were installed on the school’s roof in July 2009 by Kelln Solar, a local solar company.

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Ongoing throughout the school year.

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Environment Club, Students, High School, Sustainable Actions, Solar Panels, Youth Engaged in Sustainability
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High school
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