Regina Public Library - Earth Day Programming Opportunities: Request for Facilitators

Dear RCE Saskatchewan Members,

Jessica Generoux with the Albert Branch of the Regina Public Library has asked me to contact you to assist in finding speakers/facilitators for their upcoming programming associated with Earth Day. Regina Public Library Branches are currently looking for facilitators to partner with and develop family-friendly sustainability programming for April 2012. They would like to do a series of family-focused programs in April 2012 that highlight sustainable living. Facilitators in Regina would work with library patrons and their children. As part of this opportunity, the library is looking for presenters on permaculture and Indigenous perspectives on environmental issues for Prince of Wales, Glen Elm and Albert Branches of the RPL. Compensation would be arranged with the library.

If you are interested in this opportunity, please contact Jessica Generoux at the following phone number/e-mail address:

Jessica Generoux
Library Assistant
Albert Branch
Regina Public Library
1401 Robinson St

Earth Day Program Facilitators

The contact phone number for Jessica Generoux at the Albert Branch of the Regina Public Library is 777-6076 not what is posted.