RCE Saskatchewan Facilitation Group Minutes October 20, 2011

Dear RCE Saskatchewan Coordinators, Partners, and Supporters,

Please find attached the minutes from today's RCE Facilitation Group meeting in two formats. Other attachments referenced in the minutes are posted below. Thank you to everyone for a very productive meeting. Please note that action items are in bold in the minutes.

My sincere apologies to those who tried to call in. We will plan to use a different communications medium for the next meeting. Feel free to post any further comments about your activities on the RCE site or send them to me to do so.

Best wishes,

Roger Petry, Co-coordinator
RCE Saskatchewan

Please note that I have also just added information about a program under development in Beauval, Saskatchewan, led by Deborah Campbell involving the creation of a youth cooperative aimed at sustainable tourism.--Roger

RFG Minutes Oct 20 2011.pdf312.77 KB
RFG Minutes Oct 20 2011.doc214 KB
Designated Sacred Space brochure.pdf374.09 KB
October 2011 action plan update.doc171.5 KB
SEdA SK 2012 DRAFT brochure - email format-Saskatchewan.pdf744.42 KB
Youth Coop Information for CRE SK.doc13.5 KB