RCE Request for "Good Practices of RCEs" Publication: Reply Needed by June 18, 2011

Dear RCE Members and Theme Area Working Groups:

Please see the invitation from the UN University to participate in development of a booklet on good practices of RCE's to be prepared for the 6th global RCE conference. If you would like to submit information about a project that meets the terms outlined below and in the attachment, please contact Lyle or I so we can share this information with the UNU by the June 18 deadline. Best wishes, Roger.

Dear RCE colleagues,

Greetings from Japan.

We are writing to request you to share  ‘Good Practice of RCEs‘ for publication.

The UNU-IAS plans to publish a booklet on ‘good practices’ in ESD for distribution during the 6th Global RCE Conference in Kerkrade, the Netherlands in November 2011. The UNU-IAS RCE Service Centre is now calling for submissions from RCE members of case studies on ‘good practices’ in ESD based on the framework described in the attached guideline.

Please express your interest in contributing to ‘Good Practice’ booklet publication by sending an email to: RCEServiceCentre@ias.unu.edu by 18 June 2011. Specify the theme your case study will address, e.g. climate change, biodiversity, etc.

Full stories will be expected to submit by 8 July 2011. An RCE may submit up to three case studies. Specify thematic focus of your case study. Each case should not be more than 3 pages in length. In addition, you are invited to send us any relevant information you might think useful, including references to documents and publications describing the initiative, as well as relevant links to websites. Please attach one or two relevant pictures as a separate file. For further information, please send request to the same e-mail address.

Thank you for your cooperation. We look forward to hearing from you by 18 June 2011.

Best regards,

Naori Miyazawa

On behalf of the Global RCE Service Centre


UNU Framework ESD Good Practices June 2011.doc48 KB