RCE Bulletin Issue #9

The most recent version of the RCE Bulletin (Issue #9) is attached below. The RCE Saskatchewan "Spring Into Action" event is profiled along with a number of exciting ESD activities by other RCEs globally. In addition, a number of collaboration opportunities are presented. I will paste the UN University e-mail message accompanying the RCE Bulletin that highlights these.--Roger

E-mail message from UN University:

Dear ESD colleagues,
This issue of the RCE bulletin carries information on a few ideas and opportunities for collaboration.

1. Interns at the RCE Southern North Sea have set up wikipedia pages on the DESD, RCE Initative and RCE Southern North Sea (see article on page 2 of bulletin). The links for these pages are The wikipedia pages are at:
- http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Regional_Centres_of_Expertise_(RCE)
- http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/United_Nations_Decade_of_Education_for_Sustainable_Development
- http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/RCE_Southern_North_Sea

Creating wikipedia pages on each RCE would provide ready information on your work to a global audience. RCEs are encouraged to edit existing pages and develop pages on their work. RCEs that need help or have questions may get in touch with me (aipanjiguly@ias.unu.edu).

2. RCEs interested in engaging with the newly-formed Gender and ESD research group (see page 4) may contact the RCE Service Centre at rceservicecentre@ias.unu.edu

3. RCEs exploring ESD evaluation tools, especially at the post-primary level (see page 6-7), are requested to contact Nancy Serrano of RCE Ireland (nancy.l.serrano@ul.ie)

Information on interesting conferences that are rapidly approaching is also included in the bulletin.

1. RCEs interested in the issues of renewable energy and climate change may want to participate in the Third European Fair on ESD in October this year. See page 8  for more information or contact Walter Leal of RCE Hamburg at walter.leal@ls.haw-hamburg.de

2. RCEs interested in issues of health and traditional medicine are encouraged to get in touch with Zinaida Fadeeva (fadeeva@ias.unu.edu) and Unnikrishnan Payyappalli (unnipm@gmail.com) at the earliest, preferably in a week's time, to participate in the conference on traditional medicine (see page 8 and 9), and/or to recommend traditional healers in your network who may benefit from participating in the exchange programme and conference.

3. Please note that the deadline to register for the European Conference on ESD, scheduled to take place in Lund, Sweden in September (see page 8) is 15 July.

And finally, the deadline for submission for the next issue of the RCE bulletin is Wednesday, September 16.

Thank you all for your timely contributions and for making this bulletin possible.

Best wishes,
Sampreethi Aipanjiguly
Communications Coordinator
ESD Programme, UNU-IAS

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