Rare Plant Survey Techniques Course

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Chet Neufeld
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This course is perfect for professionals who conduct, contract, or supervise rare plant survey projects, seeking improved skills in project planning, execution or reporting. Government, NGO, industry, and consulting sectors will all find value in this course.  This is not a plant identification course.
Dr. Darcy Henderson is a Grassland Ecologist with Environment Canada - Canadian Wildlife Service, and he authored the survey guidelines that form the basis of this course. Darcy is also Chair of the Recovery Team for Plant Species at Risk in the Prairie Provinces, and has 18 years experience in ecological research, management and teaching spanning Manitoba to Alberta, prairie and boreal systems, in private and public sectors. Darcy is volunteering with the NPSS and offering CWS facilities and monitoring sites to make this course happen.

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Summer months

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Formal survey technique training, awareness, technical training
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Professional training, technical training

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